I’m back – to #edstartup


I completely dropped off the map this past month! At least off of the #edstartup class. End of fiscal year, personal health, multiple other courses and major obligations – guess I really am an adult learner trying to balance it all!

So, what does one say when they came back online this late in the game? I have done some stealth reviewing of some of the content and much of it is familiar. In fact, I feel like I’ve got some experiences that could add to some of the nooks and crannies that weren’t addressed in the course since I am an intrapreneur/entrepreneur and have had successes (and failures) in moving forward an idea inside and outside of organizations.

But first, some thoughts about this style of learning:

  • Social Overwhelming – it’s been a tough month and I’ve been overwhelmed in many areas of life. It has had an impact on my ability to learn. Especially difficult has been trying to participate in a MOOC type class because it is heavily focused on being a bit social.
  • Collaboration & Mental Models – so, I’m torn. In this class I happen to know something of the topic. But, what if I didn’t? Would I really have anything to add if I was just being exposed to the topic? I’m in another MOOC where all the upfront content is video. That’s lucky for me because I didn’t know anything of the topic and the last thing I wanted to do upon sign up was to collaborate with others about it. I just wanted to be “fed” some well designed information that would give me a mental model of what was being discussed. Perhaps this is something I need to keep in mind as I continue to promote social learning. It may be important to give some more framework upfront before expecting people to jump in and contribute. Or, at least provide enough content that people who aren’t ready can absorb before going off into the wild world of personal blogs.

As far as the course goes, I LOVE the topic! There is something about entertaining AND acting on a good idea that brings about a creativity that we sometimes forget is in us.

So, here goes my re-delve into this course because it’s “better late than never.”

More to come…promise.


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