Digital Learning Apps for Teachers

Digital Learning Apps for Teachers.

Dr. Tsoghik Grigoryan

1. Edmodo

Edmodo is a safe and secure social networking platform for students, teachers and parents. With Edmodo, you can:

  • Fill classes automatically as students log in with a special code.
  • Easily edit settings, view classes and individuals.
  • Create a sub-domain for your school quickly as easily.
  • Easily moderate student comments, as well as provide individualised feedback and general alerts.
  • Set revision and or pre-lesson quizzes and polls.
  • Share links and resources with Google Drive.
  • Subscribe the class to RSS feeds.
  • Compile and perform basic analyses of quiz grades automatically.
  • Interact and share with other teachers around the world.
  • Form and join groups.
  • Get assistance quickly from the friendly support team.

But the best thing about Edmodo is the ability it gives you to create and award badges to students for doing great things. Now they can get rewarded for offering creative solutions, for demonstrating critical thinking and even…

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